Young people not in education, employment or training

Pathway 9 and 'The Journey'

Pathway 9 supports Year 9 students who are in danger of exclusion from school, by helping them to re-engage with the education process. It involved weekly 1:1 mentoring and advocacy support from a Careers Wales Youth Gateway Personal Adviser. Pathway 9 receives external funding from 14-19 Network in Wrexham and Cymorth funding from Flintshire.

The mentoring activities delivered to the year 9 students have been designed to increase motivation, build self confidence and raise self esteem. The students on the programme are seen as having some barriers which prevent them from fully engaging and could be at risk of not achieving a positive outcome of entering employment, education or training at the end of year 11.

‘The Journey’ resources have been purchased this year to enhance the Pathway 9 programme. This resource was developed with Funding from the Arts Council of Wales and supports student to explore five aspects of life such as relationships, wealth and life’s purpose. Each student is given a map which they personalise with their own painting and writing. More information can be found at

Short tem feedback from young people and teachers report that some of the presenting issues of non completion of homework, poor behaviour in school, poor attendance and anger issues have improved since taking part in the programme.

Longer term feedback has examined the outcomes achieved by young people participating in the year 9 programme. The outcomes are very positive. The table illustrates that a high percentage of young people who participated in Pathways 9 went on to achieve a positive outcome and qualifications.

Comparison of the achievements Pathway 9 clients on courses held in Wrexham (2005 - 06, 2006 - 07 and 2007 - 08 courses)

Positive Destinations 2008 2009 2010
Continued in FT Education 72% 75% 64%
Employment or Training 6% 23% 22%
Positive Outcome 78% 98% 86%

Qualification achievements

  2008 2009 2010
A to C grades 24% 67% 61.6%
A to G grades 95% 100% 95%
CoEA Entry 1 to Level 3     5%
Gained a qualification 95% 100% 100%
No qualification or unknown 5% 0% 0%

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