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Classroom medics offer unique learning experience

Classroom Medics

Students from Cowbridge Comprehensive School find out more about medical procedures at the Classroom Medics workshop.

Medical workshops designed to bring the health sector to the classroom were recently hailed a huge success by students from four schools in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.

Run by Classroom Medics, a team of medics, physiologists and scientists who visit schools across the UK, the interactive workshops gave 174 students from the Bishop of Llandaff High School, Cowbridge and Llantwit Major Comprehensive Schools and St Teilo’s Church in Wales High School, the opportunity to use medical test equipment and try their hand at some of the skills used in healthcare.

Topics covered in the workshops are mapped to relevant subjects in the national curriculum and provide the opportunity for students to find out more about careers in healthcare.

Students met “Stan”, a life size patient simulator who has a heartbeat, a pulse, breathes, sweats, cries, bleeds and talks. The students were able to diagnose different conditions, give drugs (on a computer of course!) and monitor Stan’s vital signs on his body or by using a patient monitor. They were also shown how to perform simple clinical procedures such as taking “blood” samples (blackcurrant juice!) from “Andy”, a plastic arm!

In addition, the students carried out medical checks on themselves using ECGs, spirometers and other equipment to measure blood pressure, temperature, oxygen levels and lung capacity.

Julie Thelwell, assistant head teacher at Cowbridge Comprehensive school, said: “Classroom Medics was vibrant, dynamic and stimulating for all our students interested in a career in the NHS. Many thanks to Martin Blamey of Careers Wales for introducing them to us. We have already booked them for the next academic year.

Martin Blamey, EBP adviser with Careers Wales Cardiff and Vale Education Business Partnership (EBP) added: “The workshops offered a unique and memorable learning experience for students, helping them to make more informed decisions about careers in healthcare as well as demonstrating the relevance to the workplace of subjects they study in school and hopefully inspiring them to do well in their studies.”

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