Teacher placement a hit with chemists

Teacher placement a hit with chemists

A number of chemistry teachers from schools across Gwent recently attended ‘Science in the Workplace’, a Teacher Placement event held at Orb Electrical Steels. Orb is part of the Tata Group and is based in Newport overlooking the river Usk, on a site that has been processing and manufacturing steel for over 100 years. The event, co-ordinated by Kate Thomas at Careers Wales Gwent, was organised so that teachers could update their knowledge of the use of science in modern industry.

During the day, the chemistry teachers received presentations from Orb employees Keith Jenkins and Paul Latchford and were able to learn about the scientific processes involved in the company’s production of grain-oriented steel. The day also included a tour of the steelworks, to see ‘science in action’ and a tour of the chemistry testing laboratory, where the teachers had the opportunity to meet on-site chemical analyst Andrew Nolan. The day concluded with a presentation highlighting career opportunities within the industry and the company and teachers were able to meet with some of the company’s graduate programme recruits.

The teacher placement day at Orb offered teachers the opportunity to meet ‘real-life’ scientists who were able to show how their subject is used in the workplace, and provide up-to-date information about the chemical processes that are currently being used in industry. Teachers were also able to update their knowledge by learning about the different science-based roles that may be available to their students in the future.

Lisa Lock, Chemistry Teacher at Abertillery Comprehensive, said: “This was an enlightening day, which has opened my eyes to the world of industry and will help me to bring industrial science into focus when I teach about metal chemistry”.

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