Careers and Employability Day

Careers and Employability DayAn innovative Careers and Employability day organised by Careers Wales and facilitated by Tim Benton was recently attended by secondary teachers, supply teachers and careers advisers across South West Wales. Tim Benton, an associate of Independent Thinking, has worked extensively in education and business. He regularly works alongside corporate industry professionals, both in the UK and abroad, assisting in the training and recruitment of staff. Tim’s training involves preparing students for life, not exams. It encourages young people to be motivated, confident and fully aware of both their learning styles and multiple intelligence strengths.

This inspiring teacher training event provided teachers and careers advisers with high quality training materials, techniques and practical ideas to be used in the classroom and with clients. The day provided delegates with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively support young people to better identify what they have to offer the world of work of the 21st century. Encouraging confident learners, ready to take their place in the world of work. The training sessions included interview skills, the cycle of underachievement, neurology for learning and the Multiple Intelligence approach.

The training promoted the use of creativity and improved learning skills in the classroom, after all, as Tim said, 'If you like doing something, you’ll work harder at it!'. The feedback from delegates was excellent, below are some comments from teachers following the training:

“Relevant, inspiring, resourceful, motivational.”

“Very useful, enjoyed throughout day, and given ideas to take away - facilitator excellent.”

“Fantastic! Very useful for personal development as well as for developing pupils skills.”

“Excellent event, inspirational, left wanting more.”

“Great ideas for teaching and learning, building skills employers want.”

“An amazing course with Tim Benton, some really interesting thoughts and ideas.”

“Excellent day which I thoroughly enjoyed, lots of ideas I am taking back and passing on!”

“I just want to say I thought it was a brilliant day and very informative, I thought Tim was excellent.”

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