is our all-age website, developed in partnership with the Welsh Government, and the wider ‘Careers Family’ to improve delivery and access to services in an effective and cost efficient way. An overview of major developments for 2011/12 is provided below.

The site continues to attract thousands of different users from across Wales so they can search seamlessly for courses, jobs and careers information. has been undergoing significant developments which will go live in December 2012. The site has been developed into five specific sections: Your Career, Education and Courses, Jobs and Training, Tools and Resources and Contact Us. In addition to this there will be a new home page that will allow us to showcase interesting events and/or developments within the careers and education sectors through specific articles. Users will have click access through to all major site areas such as the Apprenticeship Matching Service, Jobs Growth Wales, Courses in Wales through the implementation of the new slide deck feature.

Site usage 2011/12

  • 19,057,330 - the number of times a user viewed a page within
  • 576,957 - The number of unique visitors to
  • 436,899 - the total number of users who have registered an account with since its launch

14-19 Learning Pathways

The Learning Pathways 14-19 developments on continued to grow and develop during the financial year 2011-2012, enabling all schools and colleges to confirm their Local Curriculum offer for the Welsh Government, supporting the Learning and Skills (Wales) Measure 2009. In addition, schools and colleges are able to enter where their courses are 14-19 grant funded and update the number of learners electing a course as part of the KS4 “take-up of offer” process.

The Local Curriculum offer and “take-up” of offer, provides a full picture of qualifications offered by schools and colleges in Wales at KS4 and 16-18 and a gives a representation of those courses that have been elected by young people. Schools and colleges are able to enter information about the partners with whom they offer their course provision, to report back to Learning Networks and the Welsh Government on the number and provider of courses that learners choose.

Further development work has enabled Careers Wales to integrate the Database of Approved Qualifications Wales (DAQW)which provides a quality assurance for providers and learner as they make their choices.

Development work planned for the future, includes linking the subject/ course choice made by the learner to the school PLASC data and improving the way the system operates for both the course provider and the learner for choices made for 16-18 year olds

Apprenticeship Matching Service

The AMS is a Welsh Government initiative offering a free on-line matching service for employers to find suitable apprentices People who are looking for an Apprenticeship can search and apply on-line for opportunities offered by employers and providers across Wales.

Employers wishing to recruit an Apprentice can advertise vacancies for free and select applicants using this on-line system. Applications are received and, short-listed by the employer who then invite candidates for interview, all within their own personal area of the system.

During the reporting period over 300 employers registered on the site advertising over 800 opportunities. Over 4000 applicants have completed applications for these opportunities

Courses in Wales

Courses in Wales is the most comprehensive database of learning opportunities in Wales and is accessed through There are approximately 37,000 courses on the database, offered by 800 learning providers, both private and government funded.

During the last 12 months over 17,000 courses were added to the database. These courses collectively were viewed over 630,000 times.

Labour Market Information

Over the last 12 months we have improved the search function and linked it to labour market information by integrating course and vacancy search facilitiesto occupational which is displayed on a single page. By providing automatically up dated statistical trend information in graphic format, linked to the Welsh Government’s priority areas for the Welsh Economy people are better able to make informed choices. Take a look at our sectoral labour market information.

Jobs Growth Wales

The Jobs Growth Wales programme started in April 2012 with the aim to create 4,000 jobs a year for job ready young people throughout Wales. The programme caters for young people who are job ready but have had difficulty securing employment. Participants are paid at, or above the national minimum wage for a minimum of 25 hours per week. Young people are employed for a 6 month period in jobs that are additional to, and do not replace, positions that would otherwise be filled. All job vacancies are advertised through the ‘Jobs Growth Wales Live’ system on the Careers Wales website.

Since its introduction more than 1200 employers have registered with JGW, advertising over 2,700 opportunities.  Over 8,000 applicants have completed over 27,000 applications with 1300 opportunities being filled.

Jamie goes online for career start

Jamie goes online for career start

Read this case study aids recruitment aids recruitment

Read this case study