Diane's Blossoming Career

Christine Williams and Diane Parry"I first met Diane Parry in June 2010 when she was made redundant from Sportfix where she was employed as a Sewing Machinist for 4 years, previously Diane had been employed as a Sewing Machinist for 26 years. Diane was unfocused about her future and her career; she lacked confidence in her abilities to do anything new following her redundancy as she had spent so long employed as a Sewing Machinist.

After several guidance interviews and exploring various options, I identified that Diane had a love of flowers and had some experience of flower arranging for the family and friends. It was the beginning of her story and that her love of flowers could be a new career for her as a Florist.

Researching fast-track training providers, I put Diane in touch with the Malvern School of Floristry and the fast-track NVQ course which could possibly be funded by ReAct. By September Diane had the training approved, completed and achieved the NVQ. She was delighted and her self-esteem was high with the prospects of a new career ahead.

Next step was to explore self-employment and to continue her job search activities; Diane went to see VentureWales in November and by this time had her sights set on running her own business. Further training was planned for Christmas Floristry and by Christmas she had set up her business in her home using her garage as her workshop.

By March 2011 Diane’s business had grown and developed; she had outgrown her garage and had the opportunity to take up retail premises in Oakdale Square, she opened Unique Floral Designs in April with a grand opening by the Mayor or Caerphilly Borough and I was delighted to be invited and share in her success. I keep in touch with Diane on a regular basis, her story was recently chosen as an article for the Woman Magazine; “Never too late to get your dream job. Diane’s business continues to thrive and she is delighted with her new “dream career”.

Christine Williams
Careers Adviser Careers Wales Gwent

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