Jeff Cuthbert and Trina Neilson

2011/12 has been a very busy and eventful year for Careers Wales. We have continued to help large numbers of people with making informed, realistic, career decisions, by conducting 242,174 interviews with clients this year. In addition to this work we have been working on recommendations from the Welsh Government to streamline our service provision and deliver our services as one company from April 2012.

A new company ‘Career Choices Dewis Gyrfa’ has been established with the vision of being acknowledged as the leading provider of all age careers guidance services in Wales. We are firmly committed to delivering excellent careers advice and guidance services under the familiar Careers Wales banner. We are proud of our free, impartial and bilingual careers services and going forwards, will continue to prioritise the delivery of services across Wales to encourage our clients to be ambitious about their career and personal goals.


During 2011/12 we have continued to provide high quality services to the satisfaction of the Welsh Government, with much of our work underpinning current economic and social strategies. Assisting the Welsh Government with the delivery of its policies in the areas of; reducing the number of young people who are NEETs; helping adults at risk of redundancy; supporting those who have additional learning needs or, learning difficulties; improving access to Labour Market Information and tackling the skills gap, these have continued to be of a high priority for our newly re-structured organisation.

Through our Education Business Partnerships, we have facilitated a wide range of activities that help schools and colleges to work with employers to provide young people with a better understanding of the world of work and how they might make more informed career and learning related choices by raising aspirations and challenging all forms of stereotyping.

In our work in schools and through the Education Business Partnerships we continue to promote the importance of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects. The Welsh Government has long recognised the importance to the economy of young people understanding the relevance of these subjects, which lead to careers that will improve Wales’ skill levels and be a key driver for economic growth. Careers Wales has facilitated and hosted a number of events across Wales to enable young people to see for themselves the exciting opportunities that are possible by taking a range of STEM subjects

The stories featured in this report demonstrate the variety of ways Careers Wales is promoting the value and take up of STEM related subjects across Wales.

Future Fit

Moving forwards, Careers Wales is keen to provide a more personalised service by embracing new technologies and methods of communication in order to provide flexible, easily accessible services. By using a combination of careerswales.com to access a range of web services (email, web chat, text, social media etc.), as well as the option to ring the Careers Wales telephone helpline and for those most in need, face to face services, clients can choose the method of accessing services to suit them and their circumstances.

As this report is published, we are in discussions with the Welsh Government on the future role and remit of Careers Wales since the announcement, Summer 2012, that we will become a wholly owned subsidiary company of the Welsh Government from April 2013.

During this period of challenge and change, I am most grateful to our Board of Directors for their contributions and hard work to help us take forward our ambitious plans - to develop a responsive, and cost effective careers services.

I would also like to take the opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all the staff employed by Careers Wales. Over the past year I recognise that they have been through a time of significant challenge that has resulted in changes to job roles and a reduction in the numbers of staff whilst continuing to deliver a service in a professional manner.

T Neilson

Trina Neilson
Chief Executive
Career Choices Dewis Gyrfa